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NORVISE - Lamp Magnifier

NORVISE - Lamp Magnifier




The new Norvise LED lamp / Magnifier was introduced in February of 2020. While our old light was undoubtedly a great product, there were a few features we thought we could improve on;

·      LARGE EYEGLASS FIELD: 4.3inch diameter outer frame, effective magnifying diameter is 3.5 inches providing a large visible working area. We use a 3 X magnifying lens, no deformation, no discoloration, scratch-resistant, and you will not get dizzy when viewing through the glass for a long time.

·      DURABLE GOOSENECK: High-grade, all-metal gooseneck providing a 360 degree, all-around adjustment.

·      BRIGHTNESS: 16 LEDs, no flash frequency, with two adjustable brightness settings. You have the option to choose the proper brightness for your eyes while using it to protect your eyesight from damage.

·      USB POWER SUPPLY: the length of the cord is 60 inches with a standard USB plug on the end. You can use a box plug (included) to run off of either 110v (for our North Americatyers) or 220v (for our international tyers), a laptop or desktop computer, or most importantly, a rechargeable USB battery pack. This will ensure you will always be able to have light while tying, no matter where you are! (USB battery not included)


The new Lamp/Magnifier mounts the same way as the previous versions -  directly onto the Norvise Thread Post. It produces excellent non-shadowing and natural outdoor light with essentially no heat and is Incorporated with a 3X glass magnifier. Our new lamp is perfect for those of us, who on occasion, may need a little extra help seeing the details. It is excellent for the exact placement of materials or tying intricate or tiny patterns. Cover the head of the light when not in use with the included micro cloth bag. Magnifiers have been known to start fires when exposed to sunlight. The cover will also keep the lens clean and free of dust.

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