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FISH SKULL - Greg Senyo's Micro Shank, 25 pk.

FISH SKULL - Greg Senyo's Micro Shank, 25 pk.


Tie scaled-down articulated flies with lifelike movement.

Co-designed by Greg Senyo

Greg Senyo is a prominent steelhead and salmon expert who has designed many leading fly tying materials. 

Senyo’s Micro Shank is a smaller, lighter version of the popular Senyo’s Articulated Shank, and is a simple, versatile solution for tying a variety of small, articulated flies such as petite trout wet flies, low-water steelhead flies, sparse streamer designs, and small traditional salmon flies. The wire diameter is small enough to directly attach to hooks as small as size #10. 

The ultralight, slim, and strong shank also offers a new option for tying surface flies and brings a high degree of realistic, articulated movement to small fly design.

Quantity per pack: 25 shanks

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